Credit risk

The risk that an issuer of debt securities or a borrower may default on his obligations, or that the payment may not be made on a negotiable instrument. Related: Default risk

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   The risk that an issuer might default on a payment or go into liquidation. Also known as counter party risk.

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credit risk UK US noun FINANCE
[C or U] the degree to which it is possible that a person, company, or government will not be able to pay back borrowed money: »

Race, gender, and religion will not be considered in assessing credit risk.

high/increased/low credit risk »

Analysts say 30% of the bank's loans have a high credit risk.

[C] a person, company, or government considered according to how likely they are to pay back borrowed money: bad/good/poor credit risk »

Lenders say that women are good credit risks, and are often better at budgeting.

[C] a person, company, or government that is unlikely to pay back borrowed money: »

Four years ago, I was refused a store card because I was considered a credit risk.

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